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Authorized Panasonic TV Repair Shop Minneapolis St Paul MN, DLP Lamp

Panasonic TV Repair Minneapolis St Paul MN
Authorized Panasonic TV Repair Shop Minneapolis St Paul MN, DLP Lamp

We are a Minneapolis and St Paul Authorized Panasonic TV Repair shop. When you need a Panasonic TV repair or you need to replace a DLP Lamp, we can help you. Panasonic TV Repair, Plasma TV Repair, LED TV, LCD TV, Projection TV, DLP TV, DLP Lamps, Radio, DVD Players, Panasonic DVR, Stereo, Subwoofers, Amplifiers, Receivers, Tape decks. Providing Panasonic TV repair service to Twin Cities metro area since 1977.

Authorized  Panasonic TV Repair Minneapolis MN


Panasonic TV Repair Minneapolis St Paul MN
Panasonic TC-L65WT600 Panasonic TV repair

The Panasonic TC-L65WT600 4K/Ultra High Definition LED/LCD TV is the only one that now complies with HDMI 2.0, accepting a 4K input at 60 frames per second. Delivers good picture quality with relatively deep black levels and exact color; superb bright-room image; best-in-class off-angle fidelity; 4K resolution provides some benefit with 4K PC games; sleek metallic silver design with unique stand; scads of features including a second touch-pad remote, two pairs of 3D glasses, voice interaction, a built-in camera, and a solid Smart TV platform.

Panasonic TV Repair LCD/LED, Plasma TV

  •  It seems a number of people are experiencing problems with the HDMI in the new receivers. If you have any of these issues most likely you have bad HDMI board. Troubleshooting measures: Hook your connection directly from the DVD or Cable box to TV bypassing the HDMI on the audio receiver and see if it works.
  • If your LED/LCD television or Plasma not working, verify if you have power light, check if you can get menu, use original Remote if not unplug Television for 5 minute and reconnect and check again.
  • If the picture has wrong color and you using component cables verify connections on television and cable box, one-off wire most likely disconnected.
  • If you are using Master Remote for your Home Theater be sure all units are off before you turn it on. Verify if Television is on right input for audio and video.
  • On DLP TVs if lamp light is on unplug power cord and pull lamp and see if shattered. We stock DLP lamps for rear projection TVs and we can check majority of DLP lamps before replacing. Important: After installing new lamp put door back or TV will not work. Most damages happen when cleaning screen the liquid seeps between bezel and screen and damages the circuits inside, spray on rag then clean screen.
  • Do you know if a lamp is not obviously broken (shattered glass)
  • Message: Lamp going bad soon doesn’t mean lamp is bad. We have found after testing the lamp 30% to 40% are good. It is important to use the correct and a high quality lamp or possible damages may occur. Bring your DLP Lamp to our New Hope shop and we can test it for you before replacing.

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  • The history of Panasonic goes back to when Konosuke Matsushita founded Matsushita Electric Housewares Manufacturing Works in 1918. See how the company evolved and developed into one of the leading electronics companies in the world today. The belief in our basic management goal to devote ourselves to the progress and development of society and the well-being of all people around the globe has been the goal of the company.

Panasonic TV Repair Minneapolis Saint Paul MN

Minneapolis/St Paul Panasonic TV repair shop Panasonic TV repair and all major brands of LCD/LED TV and Plasma TV repair. Give us a call. We can fix-it. Providing Panasonic TV repair to the Twin Cities area since 1977.

We guarantee our COD parts and labor for 90 days. Warranties apply to the original service only, physical damage,  abuse, power surge, lightning, are not covered. Original manufacturer warranty applies.

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