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We are a Minneapolis and St. Paul Carver Audio Repair shop. If you need to replace capacitors in Carver Amplifiers or you need to tune-up a Carver Stereo Receiver we can help you. Carver amplifiers,  stereo receivers repair, subwoofers. Providing Carver Audio Repair and Vintage Stereo Repair service to Minnesota and surrounding states since 1977

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Robert W. (Bob) Carver is an American designer of audio equipment based in the Pacific Northwest. Educated as a physicist and engineer, he founCarver Audio Repair Minneapolis/St Paul MNd an interest in audio equipment at a very young age. He  applied his talent to produce numerous  innovative high fidelity designs since the 1970s. He is known for  designing the Phase Linear 700, at 350 W per channel, the most powerful consumer audio  amplifier available in 1972. He went on to found the Carver Corporation in 1979 and Sunfire in 1994. We providing carver audio repair and vintage stereo repairs in Minnesota.

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Amplifier modeling Carver caused a stir in the industry in the mid-1980s when he challenged two high-end audio magazines to give him any audio amplifier at any price, and he’d duplicate its sound in one of his lower cost (and usually much more powerful) designs. Two magazines took him up on the challenge.

First, The Audio Critic chose a Mark Levinson ML-2 which Bob acoustically copied (transfer function duplication) and sold as his M1.5t amplifier (the “t” stood for transfer function modified).

In 1985, Stereophile magazine challenged Bob to copy a Conrad-Johnson Premier Five (the make and model was not named in the challenge but revealed later) amplifier at their offices in New Mexico within 48 hours. The Conrad Johnson amplifier was one of the most highly regarded amplifiers of its day, costing in excess of $12,000.

Of note that in both cases, the challenging amplifier could only be treated as a “black box” and could not even have its lid removed. Nevertheless, Carver, using null difference testing, successfully copied the sound of the target amplifier and won the challenge. The Stereophile employees failed to pass a single blind test with their own equipment, and in their own listening room. He marketed “t” versions of his amplifiers incorporating the sound of the Mark Levinson and Conrad Johnson designs which caused him some criticism by those who failed to understand the true nature of the challenge — that it was possible to duplicate an audio amplifier’s sound in two completely dissimilar designs. In light of this criticism, Bob Carver went on to design the Silver Seven, the most expensive and esoteric conventional amplifier up to that time and duplicated its sound in his M 4.0t and later models which sold for some 1/40th the price (around $600–$1500).  Minneapolis and St Paul Carver Audio repair shop.

This also started Carver’s departure from the M-series amplifier to the more robust and current-pushing TFM series amplifiers. The TFM amplifiers were designed specifically to drive the demanding load of the Amazing ribbon loudspeakers. The apex of Carver’s amplifier line was the Lightstar, which is now a collectors’ item. Only approximately 100 of the amplifiers were made. The original Lightstar amplifier, called the Lightstar Reference, featured a dual-monoblock design, with separate power cords for each channel. A later version, called the Lightstar 2.0, featured one power cord & other cost-saving measures to shave approximately $1800 off the retail price. The two are reported to be sonically identical.

Product naming Carver has used some names which have clearly defined technical meanings so oddly unrelated to his products’ actual design and function as to be merely amusing rather than deceptive.  Read more About Bob Carver.

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