DLP Lamps Minneapolis St Paul MN

  • Your Source for Original DLP Lamps in Minneapolis MN
  • Of course we sell only original DLP lamps made by Philips, OsramDLP Lamps Minneapolis St Paul MN and Phoenix, they are new original manufacturer replacement lamps. If you bring in your old lamp cartridge we will install the new lamp free of charge into your cartridge. Give us call and we help you to remove DLP lamp, out of your TV and save you money.
  •  We do not sell cheap DLP lamps we sell only original DLP lamps. 
  • Bring your DLP Lamp to our shop and we can test most DLP Lamps before replacing except Toshiba lamps.
  • Samsung  TV’s have deferent production & use different lamps.
  • Samsung lamp code is located on the left back side of TV on a red sticker.
  • We stock DLP lamps for rear projection televisions: Mitsubishi, Sony, Samsung,  Panasonic, Toshiba, Hitachi, LG, Sharp, JVC, RCA, Zenith and more!

DLP Lamps troubleshooting tips.

  • DLP Lamps Minneapolis St Paul MNIf you turned on the TV and the message appears on bottom of the screen “lamp going bad soon” this means that your TV has been used for over so many hours and if you didn’t reset the TV last time.
  • You can go into the menu and reset this message it doesn’t mean that your lamp is going bad, unless the picture is going dark or TV shuts down.
  •  Bring Lamp to our New Hope shop and we can test it for you.
  • If the TV is blinking try to count led blinks, color and type, power, lamp or timer led it is important   diagnostics codes. 123 stop 12 stop. Code 32.
  • If led lamp light on unplug power cord and pull lamp and see if it is broken or bulged.
  • Of course we can check majority of DLP lamps before replacing.
  • After all we stock 99% of replacement DLP lamps for rear Projection DLP/LCD Televisions. Reinstall lamp and cover door back TV will not work without door closed and secured.

DLP TV Repair Minneapolis St Paul MN

  • Obviously if you have a loud whining noise it is normally a bad color wheel.
  • In case if picture has white dots it is bad DMD chip. Of course the best way to replace this chip is in the shop. Of course TV’s need to be cleaned out, they are very dusty and by cleaning them the life of the television and lamp will be extended.
  • After all most Sony, JVC and Panasonic DLP, Licos and XRDs TVs necessary to do lamp timer reset after  lamp replacement. See your Manual.
  • Do you know if a lamp is not obviously broken shattered glass message: Lamp going bad soon does not mean lamp is bad.
  • After all we have found after testing the  DLP lamps 30% to 40% are good or very good.
  • In fact it is important to use correct original DLP lamps, to prolong TV life and prevent damages. We are your source for original DLP Lamps in Minneapolis and St Paul MN.
  • We guarantee our COD parts and labor for 90 days. DLP Lamp for 6 Months. Warranties apply to the original repair only, physical damage, shorted outputs in Stereo, abuse, power surge, lightning, are not covered. Original manufacturer warranty applies.
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