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We are a one-stop Minneapolis and St Paul Authorized Parasound Audio Repair shop, When you are in need a preamp repaired or replace output transistors on power amplifier we can help you. Providing Parasound audio repair and vintage stereo repair service in Minnesota and surrounding states since 1977

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JC 2 Two Channel Preamplifier

Parasound Audio repair Minneapolis St Paul MN

If you’re an audiophile, you almost certainly know of the Parasound company, a manufacturer of high-end audio/video electronics (and other products) that are of extremely high quality, yet are not stratospherically priced. Halo is Parasound’s premium line of components. (The JC 2 is not inexpensive at $4,000, but this is a high-end component we’re talking about, and for what you get, that can be considered good value.) You might also know of John Curl, a veteran audio designer who is inarguably one of the true greats in the field. Curl has worked for esteemed companies like Mark Levinson, Vendetta Research, Harman Kardon Citation, Wilson Audio and others, and even worked on electronics for the Grateful Dead. Curl has been a consultant to Parasound since the late 1980s.

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Parasound JC 3 Phono Preamplifier

Parasound Stereo repair Minneapolis St Paul MN

As the world’s first standalone review of this great product, I feel one should start at the very beginning. San Francisco California is known for many things, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Pyramid building, Fisherman’s Wharf and for us audiophiles, being the home of Parasound Products. Parasound the company started, in this city by the bay; thirty years ago back in 1981 where it still resides to this very day. The new JC 3 Phono Preamplifier joins a long list of Parasound products such as, in-wall loudspeakers, amplifiers, preamplifiers and tuners. The company is known for making quality products while keeping costs to a minimum. One way to do this is to have a highly respected design team working stateside while assembly occurs in Taiwan, as with the new JC 3. This phono stage is competitively priced at $2350, placing it price-wise between some top-of-the-line and budget minded phono stages. Richard Schram, President of Parasound, says it took him years to convince John Curl to design the circuit for the JC 3. John turned to Carl Thompson for circuit board layouts as he and Carl are no strangers to each other, both having collaborated together on audio projects in the past. If for some reason you have yet not heard of John Curl, think of, among other things, the world-renowned Vendetta preamplifier. As for me, my own experience with a John Curl design was through the Audible Illusions Modulus 3 preamplifier (and later the revised 3A) for which he designed the optional low-output moving coil circuit board.
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Providing Parasound audio repair and vintage stereo repair service in Minnesota and surrounding states since 1977

We guarantee our COD parts and labor for 90 days. Warranties apply to the original service only, physical damage, shorted outputs in Stereo, abuse, power surge, lightning, are not covered. Original manufacturer warranty applies.

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