• We are one stop authorized TV repair shop, specialize in repair of major brands of LED TV, LCD TV, Plasma TV, DLP TV and replacement DLP TV lamps.
  • From Panasonic plasma TV to Samsung smart LED TV and other major brands we can fix it.
  • If you need a TV repair or any other electronics repair give us a call we can  help.
  • Providing TV repair service for many major brands both in and out of warranty to the Minnesota since 1977.
Basic TV troubleshooting tips.
  • It seems a number of people are experiencing TV Repair Minneapolis St Paul MNproblems with the HDMI in the new audio receivers.
  • If you have any of these issues most likely you have bad HDMI cable or HDMI board in audio receiver.
  • Troubleshooting measures.
  • Connect HDMI cable directly to TV bypassing the audio receiver and see if it works
  • If your LED/LCD television or plasma not working.
  • Verify if you have power light, check if you can get menu.
  • Use original remote if not unplug television for 5 minute and check again.

LCD/LED TV Repair Minneapolis St Paul

  • Moreover if a picture has wrong color when using component cables could be a loose connection between the TV and cable box.
  • Espeacially if you are using a master remote be sure all units are off before you turn it on.
  • To be sure verify if television is on right input for audio and video.
  • On DLP TV if lamp light is on unplug power cord and pull lamp and see if lamp is shattered.
  • Of course we stock original DLP lamps for DLP TVs and we can check majority of DLP lamps before replacing.
  • Important: After installing new lamp put door back or TV will not work.

TV Repair Repair MN

  • Most damages happen when cleaning screen the liquid seeps between bezel and screen and damages the circuits inside.
  • Spray on rag then clean screen.
  • Do you know if a lamp is not obviously broken (shattered glass) and has a message. “Lamp going bad soon” doesn’t mean lamp is bad.
  • After all we have found after testing the lamp 30% to 40% are good or very good.
  • Bring DLP Lamp to our New Hope shop and we can test it for you before replacing.
  • After all it is important to use the original lamp or possible damages may occur.

Plasma TV Repair MN

  • We guarantee our COD parts and labor for 90 days. DLP Lamps for 6 Months.
  • Warranties apply to the original repair only, physical damage, abuse, power surge, lightning, are not covered. Original manufacturer warranty applies.