Cleaning Vintage Stereo Receivers

Cleaning vintage stereo receivers and amps 1970 to 1980. It is not a small and easy job. Even basic cleaning will take you 2-3 hours and most likely will not be done correctly.  If you are  not experienced do not start because it looks easier but becomes complicated very fast.

How to Clean Vintage Stereo Equipment

  • Before you start cleaning controls and switches turn off the unit and unplug electrical cord!
  • Be careful electrolytic capacitors may stay charged even after has been unplugged for long time which can shock or burn your hand or damage other components 

Cleaning vintage stereo receivers controls and switches Pioneer SX-1250 receiverAvoid using products on your stereo equipment that are not intended for use on plastics in your stereo like WD-40.

  • Warning never ever spray cleaning solution on boards when unit is turned on you will short circuit and have expensive repair bill.
  • You can do a good job or destroy your receiver or amp very easily and electrocute yourself.
  • Dust will not affect performance of your receivers or amps and oxidation will. 30-40 year old vintage receiver need extensive DeoxIT D5 cleaning and Deoxit Faderlube for lubrication.
  • You can cosmetically clean unit using compressor, compressed air, denature alcohol preferably 91 to 99% and q-tips to clean parts and DeoxIT D5 (red )  contact cleaners to clean switches and DeoxIT Faderlube F5 (green) for lubrication
  • Remove top and bottom put screws in small bags and attach related screws to top and bottom covers so you put back right screws to right places.
  • You have to remove knobs and front panel for cleaning and create access to controls and switches. Note some knobs secured by screws especially tuning and volume knob you need long Allen wrench 1.5mm-2.5mm.
  • Do not force because you may break control or switch. Inspect careful and if you see a hole on the side of knob you have a security screw inside.

Cleaning vintage stereo receivers

  • Can or 2 of compressed air or Compressor to blow dust.
  • Small to medium paint brush to clean dust inside you must be very careful not to bend or damage any parts.
  • Here I am ready for cleaning Pioneer SX-1250 receiver controls and switches.
  • Note you need Allen wrench 2mm  to remove knobs and front panel to get excess to controls and switches each model deferent so you most likely need remove control panels.
  • Note do not spray in front off controls it will never solve the problems.

    cleaning vintage receivers DeoxIT D5, DeoxIT D6
  • For Controls and Switches you need DeoxIT D5 cleaner it is general purpose cleaner.
  • For all metal surfaces with  oxidation and corrosion.
  • Use DeoxIT® to dissolve contamination, as well as lubricate and protect the surface DeoxIT D5® has approximately 20% cleaning action.
  • If you use DeoxIT D5 follow by Faderlube F5 on pots.
  • Sliders and faders use only Fader F5-Series is a precision lubricant specifically formulated to improve conductivity and lubricate conductive plastic and carbon compound faders and similar components.
  • Note you do not need much and must be sprayed only in controls and switches you spray on top you see small holes and inside of shaft and push in and out.
  • If volume control sealed soak on top and rotate after. Let seat for couple hours and repeat again repeat 2 to 3 times and let seat over night clean lust time and assemble partially together for test.
  • Do not spray DeoxIT or any cleaner on boards tuning capacitor or you have problems and smoke!!
  •   Cleaning vintage stereo receivers and repair is ours  specialty give us a call we can help!