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Marantz audio repair and vintage stereo receiver repair service. A/V receivers, amplifiers, turntables and vintage stereo receivers we can fix-it! We have been providing Marantz audio repair service to MN, WI, IA, SD, ND and throughout USA since 1977

Marantz Stereo Receiver Repair USA

Marantz Audio Repair Vintage Receiver Repair USA

  • More than any other person, Saul Marantz defined premium home entertainment.
  • Driven by his passion for music and his accomplishments as a classical guitarist –accomplishments that led to a close friendship with Andres Segovia – he was never satisfied with the “hi fi” equipment of his day.
  • So he built better; first in his basement, later in a factory.
  • Of course his talent for industrial design and his ability to infuse talented engineers like Sidney Smith and others with his vision resulted in legendary products.
  • The Model 7 preamplifier. The Model 8 and, soon after, the 8B power amplifier.
  • And insured that his company would remain a premiere name in the industry he helped establish.

Marantz Vintage Stereo Repair USA

  • For almost a decade, the justifiably famous “2200” receivers introduced uncounted thousands of sound-conscious people to the vivid,enveloping, and musically accurate Marantz sound.
  • And separate components weren’t forgotten either as Marantz, benefiting from new financial backing and new production facilities in Japan.
  • Produced a growing roster of preamplifiers, power amplifiers, integrated amps, tuners, turntables, and speakers.
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Marantz Audio Repair USA

  • We guarantee our COD parts and labor for 90 days.
  • Warranties apply to the original repair only, physical damage, shorted outputs in stereo, abuse, power surge, lightning, are not covered. Original manufacturer warranty applies.

Marantz Vintage Stereo Repair USA

  • There is no ”best” receiver and of course it is based on your own opinion. All Marantz models have their own unique sound.
  • The 2215, 2216, 2216b, 2220 and 2230 sound more like tube sets, 2325 has the better FM tuner.
  • Models we see and repair, 2216, 2220B, 2225, 2226B, 2230, 2235, 2238, 2252, 2265B, 2270, 2275, 2285B and of course 2300, 2325, 2385, 
  • if you have efficient speakers you most likely will be happy with any of this receiver.
  • You will not go wrong with any vintage Marantz receiver.
Secrets of Amplifier and Speaker Power Requirements
  • As audio/video hobbyists, most of us grew up thinking that if we have an amplifier with 50 watts of rated output power into 8-ohm speakers, and that combination produces reasonably clean and loud music.
  • Then by doubling the amplifier power to 100 watts per channel, the system would then play twice as loud.
  • Many readers likely still believe that. Not so. Read more
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